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Somfy Security Camera

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Somfy Security Camera

The ip camera that records everything thanks to the built in motion sensor and sends you a push message. Installed in under 10 minutes!



Somfy Security Camera

With the Somfy Security Camera, nothing will escape you again. Because this HD plug and play security camera records everything and sends you a push message if there is something suspicious going on. And the great thing is that you can install the camera in under 10 minutes, and you can set it to communicate with your smartphone via the app. And it looks great too!

All the images that the camera takes as soon as it detects movement are stored in the cloud. As soon as the camera detects movement, the alarm goes off and you get a push message on your smartphone. And you can view the images live and rewind by 10 seconds.

If there is a power failure, then a back-up battery ensures that the camera can carry on working for at least one hours.

And then there’s the privacy shutter. As soon as you enter the room, the camera literally closes down. So everything you do in the privacy of your own home is for your eyes only. Nothing gets recorded, nothing gets stored on the cloud, zippo, niente, nada. 100% privacy guaranteed.

Finally. Have you got pets who are free to wander around? You can set up the camera in such a way that not all movements activate it.

  1. HD video camera: super-sharp images so that nothing escapes you
  2. Motion detector: the camera starts recording as soon as it detects movement
  3. Active privacy shutter: your private life is automatically shielded
  4. Plug and play: installed and active within 10 minutes
  5. Carries on working during power outages: the camera will remain active for four hours
  6. Design: compact, clean-cut and white
What's included?
  • Somfy Security Camera
  • Adjustable support base
  • Micro USB cable
  • USB adaptor (5V / 1,5 A)
  • Local interchangeable plugs
  • Tool for Reset

Optional you can combine the Security Camera with the wall mount to hang your Somfy Security Camera up high, right on your wall.