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Somfy One All-in-one alarm system

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Somfy One All-in-one alarm system

Plug and play, everything you need including a full HD camera, siren, motion detector and privacy protection.



Somfy One - full HD camera, siren, motion detector and privacy protection.

With Somfy One, you’ll have everything you need in one go when it comes to your security. And that is quite handy. Somfy One is a fully stand-alone system. You simply install it in a strategically smart spot, activate it using the Somfy Protect app, and you’re good to go!

As soon as the camera detects movement, the alarm goes off and you get a push message on your smartphone. And you can view the images live and rewind by 10 seconds.

The siren that goes off will provide the deterrent you’re looking for. But you can always warn the police straight away too. And what if you’re not reachable? No problem. You can add several people to the app who will then receive a push message if there’s something suspicious going on, so that they can take steps immediately. By the way, you can also turn the siren off via the app.

And what if you’ve got pets? You can configure the Somfy One so that the camera will not react if your favourite pet happens to wander past the lens.

Do you value your privacy? Somfy One takes that into account. Because as soon as you enter the room, the camera shutter closes. So no one can watch what’s going on. Easy to expand the Somfy One with other Somfy Protect accessories, such as a window or door sensor, for instance.


  1. Full HD video camera; pin-sharp images that ensure nothing escapes you
  2. 90 DB siren: fully integrated and loud enough to scare off intruders
  3. Motion detector: the camera starts recording as soon as it detects movement
  4. Active privacy shutter: your private life is automatically shielded
  5. Plug and play: the system is active and you’ll be done within 10 minutes!
  6. Compatible: so you can expand it with various nifty Somfy Protect accessories

Easy to install

Place your Somfy One in the desired location and plug it in. With just a few clicks from your app, your system is installed and working. Moving your Somfy One is easy because you don't need to re-install it.


The unique combination of infrared-based motion sensor and motion detection ensures highly accurate alerts.

Easy Set up

Install your Somfy One in minutes from your smartphone userfriendly Somfy Protect app(iOS & Android).

Talk and listen

Enjoy the camera's 2-way audio communication and make sure to always stay connected to your home.

A great monitoring experience

The Somfy camera comes with a 130° wide view angle, a 4x zoom (Magic Zoom), and night vision. Images will just look crystal clear!

Smoke alarm detection

Recognizes the sound of your smoke detector and warns you directly on your smartphone. Your smoke detector is connected!

Smart Activation

Somfy will remind you to activate motion detection when leaving your home in a rush.

Rely on your friends and Family

Never worry again when you're away. Grant access to your security system to your trusted network.

Know who is home and safe

See who's home and get notified when your children are back home, thanks to the Kids Mode of the Somfy Protect app.