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Oximo RTS 20/17

Oximo RTS 20/17
The Oximo RTS is a the remote controlled motor for all types of shutters of medium size and comes with the following features:

- Intelligent obstacle detection in up and down direction.
- Built in high frequency receiver.
- Easy wireless setup using remote control.
- Frost Protection: Stops the motor if frost or ice freezes the shutter in place, or if the bottom slat is locked.
- The Exclusive Somfy 'my' Function - Moves the shutter to a favorite position.
- Retained Programming - Programming is retained in the event of a power outage.



- Motor stops automatically when it detects either an obstacle or slats frozen in place
- Recommended remote controls:

  • Wireless timer Chronis Comfort RTS with/without light sensor.
  • autonomous sun sensor Sunis Indoor WireFree RTS.
  • Autonomous sun and temperature sensor Thermosunis WireFree RTS.

- For use in a residential installations only.
- During programming, the motor provides feedback by a short up/down movement.
- Just a minimum of cabling required, even when using multiple motors.
- 1 Oximo RTS tubular motor can be controlled whiteh a maximum of 12 wireless controls.
- Can not be used with relays, standard swhiteches and standard controllers.
- Supplied with a white 3-wire (VVF) cord, length 5 metre, axial and radial cable exit..
- Not suitable for continuous use.

Technical details:

- Flexible and multifunctional: easily add, move, and delete Wireless RTS control points
- Range:  20 metres and through 2 concrete walls.
- Fits a tube whiteh a minimum diameter of 47 mm.
- Capacity of the final adjustment|: 200 revolutions.
- Operating time: Limited to 4 min.
- Radio Frequency: 433.42MHz
- IP Rating:  IP 44
- Technology : Radio RTS
- Nominal Torque:  20 Nm
- Power : 230V - 50Hz
- Nominal Speed | 17RPM