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Altus 40 RTS 13/8

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Altus 40 RTS 13/8

Very strong tubular motor with a relatively low speed of 14 RPM. Especially suited for small tubes with a minimum of 37 mm in diameter.

The integrated radio receiver allows you to control the motor with an RTS radio remote control

Easy to program

A torue of 13 Nm allows it to pull up a massive 66 kg in a 40 mm diameter tube.



Technical details

- 230 V/ 50 Hz tubular motor, with built-in receiver.

- Reception range: 20 metres through 2 concrete walls.

- Easy to programme wirelessly using a remote control.

- Adjustable intermediate position.

- 1 Altus RTS tubular motor can be controlled wirelessly from a maximum 12 wireless controls and a maximum of 3 RTS sensors.

- Not applicable with relay boxes, standard switches and standard controls.

- Altus 40 fits in a tube with a minimum inner diameter of 37 mm.

- Capacity of the final adjustment 500 revolutions.

- Supplied as standard with a white 2-core (VVF) cable. length 3 m. Axial and radial cable outlet.

- Double insulated to class II - no earth wire required.



• Fixed top and bottom limit position.

• No automatic limit adjustment.

• Recommended RTS controls:

- ’Wireless’ Sun and wind system Soliris Sensor RTS (awning).

- Wireless timer Chronis Comfort RTS with/ without light sensor (roller shutters).

- Autonomous sun sensor Sunis WireFree sensor RTS (awning & roller shutters).

- Wireless sun sensor Sunis Indoor WireFree RTS.

- Wireless sun and temperature sensor Thermosunis WireFree RTS.

• Complete series of tubular motors, series 40: 3 Nm to 13 Nm.



• Quick and easy adjustment and operation with wireless RTS controls, e.g. Telis remote control.

• Feedback with programme actions (through movement of the end product).

• Flexible and multifunctional system: easily add, move and remove wireless RTS controls.

• Simplified wiring between products.