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Connexoon Window RTS

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Connexoon Window RTS

Now you can control any Somfy RTS motor from your phone.

Install the Connexoon, install the app and link your blinds via your remote control.

Once everything is connected, you can automatically open and close your blinds on a set schedule.

Or set a scenario.

Even your Hue lights can be connected and used as part of your Connexoon home control system.



Connexoon Window RTS

Connexoon Window enables you to centralise, control and program your connected interior blinds, curtains and lighting. Connect your Connexoon Window RTS to your internet router and download the Connexoon App on your smartphone for easy control of your connected products at home or away.

Discover useful and easy-to-use functions:

  • Centralisation function: Open or close all your equipment with one press anywhere you are.
  • Ambience Replay function: Replay the scenarios you have programmed, for example, an "Evening Atmosphere" which closes the curtains and turns on the lights in the living room.
  • Timer function: Program blinds and curtains to open or close on the days and schedules of your choice and enable presence simulation.


Use 4 pre-defined scenarios to control several connected products simultaneously.

Back Home scenario: With one press, when you arrive home, your interior blinds and curtains open and some selected lights switch on. At the same time, the presence simulation is switched off.

Leave Home scenario: When you go to work, close some selected interior blinds in one click and activate the presence simulation.

Sun Protection scenario: When the sun is shining you can close your south-facing blinds (e.g. halfway down) with one press on your Smartphone.

Privacy scenario: Close your blinds and curtains in your living room to protect yourself from outside glances and enjoy complete privacy.

Personalise and play up to 4 ambiences to control several connected interior blinds and curtains simultaneously to fit life moments. Some examples:

  • TV scenario: Close the living room curtain and switches on the lighting
  • Night scenario: Close all interior blinds and curtains in one click
  • Timer: program your interior blinds, curtains, and lighting depending on time