Opening and closing your blinds is a process that you go through every day.

Sometimes this can be exhausting, especially if you need to do that for many blinds.


On the other hand, when you are away from your home, you don't want to get too hot there.

Therefore, some people decide to automate the process of opening and closing their Venetian blinds.


Once installed, your blinds will move up or down according to certain conditions.

For example, these conditions apply when the temperature gets too high or the sun too bright.




The Somfy Tilt 50 in combination with sensors can handle both scenarios.

Two IO sensors are available, one for temperature and one for light.

The sensors detect the amount of light or temperature and send a signal to the motor of the Venetian blinds.


If you live in the US, you can't use Tahoma with IO. In most parts of Europe and some other countries, the IO protocol is supported.

This opens up a smart way of connecting your sensors. A smart way means that you don't need to connect them to the individual motors.

You can pair them virtually to Tahoma.


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