Here's the question we received from a viewer of our Youtube channel:


I just fitted two venetian blinds fitted with Somfy motors which I bought from a local retailer who I don’t think knows much about them.


They are 12volt motors powered by two Somfy mains voltage transformers.

After fitting the blinds I connected the power and without my touching the remote control at all they descended perfectly and stopped at the bottom. I then followed the minimal instructions that came with the remote and everything I try does absolutely nothing (not even a sound from the motor).


I then found your videos and tried a number of things you suggest but the blinds do not move at all, I have tested the voltage from the remote and it is fine at 12 volts.


So what can be done?


I don't think the motor has been programmed yet, which would mean it's not possible to reset it.
You can follow the steps here to program the motor:
(the r28 is programmed with the same steps as the tilt & lift 25 RTS which is in your blind)
If that doesn;t work, you can reset the motor like this:

Again, the procedure is the same, but now the location of the prog button is different and you would have to take the blind down to be able to access it.


This should solve the problem of the motor not responding.