Tilt 50 Wirefree RTS motor is the latest motor from this series and it comes with many improvements. 

The main purpose of the motor is the automation of Venetian blinds. 

In the package, you will get the motor and all essential parts for the set up such as adapters and brackets. 

You will need to have 50 x 50 millimeters of space available to place the motor.



If you have decided to do this, check out the main advantages that Tilt 50 Wirefree RTS motor has to offer:


1. It is a remote control motor based on the RTS protocol, so generally, you can use any RTS remote control for the motor. Even if you have a free channel remote control, it can be used for this purpose.


2. It is a 12 Volt motor, so you don't need to have power close to your blind. Therefore, there are three power options for the motor. You can use a rechargeable battery wand, a battery wand in a combination with a solar panel or you can use a transformer.


3. The motor is easy to set up and the integration process will take you only a few minutes. When you look at the motor, you will notice an opening that goes right through the motor. The axle can go straight through which allows you to place the motor both on the side or in the middle.



There are three possible shapes of the shaft that can be applied to the motor and those are six-millimeter star shape, five-millimeter star shape, and five-millimeter square. 

They come in the form of adapters that you push inside the motor. 

We always provide these adapters with the motor since you can't use the old once from the previous version. The same thing is with the brackets.

Our customers won't need to make additional purchases of these parts because they are always included in the package.   


You can also extend the functionalities of the motor by using sensors

Sensors provide some interesting options, such as closing your blinds when the sun is too bright automatically.    


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