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Telis 6 Chronis RTS now available

If there's one remote we sell many of, it's the Telis 6 Chronis RTS pure.


And here's why :


It has 6 channels, so if you don't have too many motors you want to control, it's enough to control them all individually and creae a group channel.

This means you can have a maximum of 5 individually controlled motors and the 6th channel is for the whole group.


Time functionality to automatically open en close


It's not just the multi channel control that you get. You also get the option to automatically open and close your blinds or shutters at the time that you set.

You have 6 operations per day and you can choose which blinds should follow the automatic programming.

Opening and closing manually is always possible

All these features explain why the Telis 6 is so popular.

You can find the Telis 6 Chronis in white for just 129.95 incl VAT and shipping here

How to reset your Somfy RTS motor

When programming your Somfy motor isn't working out, or something has gone wrong, it can be hard to find out what exactly went wrong.

The result is a motor that isn't doing what it is supposed to do, the direction in which it rolls is incorrect or you need to keep pressing a button for the motor to reach the highest and lowest positions.

The best coourse of action then is to start from the factory settings. That's a bit of work, but ensures you know the starting point and thus can following the standard procedure for programming the motor.

How this reset is done, can be seen in the video below. Make sure you can connect and disconnect the motor from mains power easily and have an RTS remote ready.





How to add an additonal RTS remote control to your Somfy RTS motor

If you want to add an additional remote control to your Somfy RTS motor, all you need to do is follow the steps in the video below:





This procedure can also be used when you want to add a timer, such as the popular 6 channel Somfy Telis 6 Chronis RTS.


New - Somfy Tahoma available for the UK

Somfy Tahoma UK The Somfy Tahoma system is now available in the UK for just 399, including life time updates. Tahoma is Somfy's most advanced home automation system that controls IO and RTS devices. Now, you can control your roller shutters, awnings and roller blinds from your PC, Smartphone and tablet

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