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How to set the My position on the Somfy Oximo IO

The My position is an intermediate position that you can have your roller shutter roll to at just the press of the My button.

So when the motor is in stand still, all you need to do is press the My button and the motor will roll to this preset position.

How you can set and adjust this position is shown in this video:


You can find the complete range of Oximo IO motors here

How to easily remove / replace the power cord on a Somfy motor

On a lot of Somfy motors of the 50 range, the power cord can easily be exchanged or replaced.

That's especially handy when you are replacing your motor and don't want to run a new cable.

In the video below, you can see how the cable is released and replaced.



How to program a Somfy RTS motor

There are a few steps you need to follow when you want to program a Somfy RTS motor.

And you need to follow these steps in exactly the right order, or it will not work.


In the video below, we show you exactly which steps to take. So if you follow along, the end result is a motor which perfectly set.

You will need an RTS remote control to complete the procedure and a motor that's in its factory settings (so just like it would be when it comes out of the box):




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